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Internal/Family Medicine

Internal Medicine is adult primary care with a focus on prevention. It is the treatment of all adult medical problems including heart disease, digestive problems, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes and minor trauma. 

Family Medicine is the branch of medicine dedicated to caring for all members of the family unit. Family Medicine involves the consideration of family dynamics and its impact on the health of the individual members. In its truest sense, Family Medicine is the care of individuals throughout all of life's stages. 

Arlington Blvd. Office: (252) 413-6202
Diane Alligood, MD 
Wayne Cox, MD 
Richard Croskery, MD  
Elizabeth Fry, MD 
Alejandro Haag, MD  
Sharon Robinson, MD 
Richard Shultzaberger, MD
"Mike" Szalkowski, MD
Karen Thomas, MD 
Dwayne Maryott, PA-C 
Beverly Yercheck, ANP-C

Farmville Office: (252) 753-7141
R. Doug Barrow, MD 
Steven Hamstead, MD 
R. Lee Pippin, MD  
April Anderson, PA-C 
Amanda Murray, PA-C        

Grifton Office: (252) 524-4463
Patricia Hinson, MD  
Carrie Smith, PA-C           

Winterville Office: (252) 353-4111 
Meena P. Murphy, MD 
Shirley Patel, MD
Fan Zhou, MD