Personal Injury Care

In addition to treating a variety of non-life-threatening illnesses, our primary care offices are equipped to aid patients who have experienced minor personal injuries such as those that result from a car accident or work-related injury.

As a result of personal injury, patients may experience symptoms like neck or back pain, joint pain, or headaches while others may have minor cuts, abrasions, or bleeding that require immediate care. It is important for patients to be evaluated as soon as possible to prevent long-term repercussions of these injuries such as chronic back pain.

We make it convenient for patients to receive a reliable and timely evaluation. Our physicians and physician assistants are equipped with the knowledge and tools to help evaluate, diagnose, and treat these injuries. In addition, our practitioners strive to ensure all patients have a follow-up plan for care, including referral to a specialist if needed.

* Note: If you think that you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency or severe medical condition, please call 911 or go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room.