CT Scan

CT scannerOur CT scanner uses 16-slice technology to perform faster scans while maintaining the highest image quality. With the Care Dose4D feature, patient dosage is also lowered. It's capable of specialized scans including CT angiography and CT of the spine.

We are pleased to have this CT scanning capability available for our patients. On-site imaging means fewer scheduling and transportation hassles and more efficient health care-all at a lower cost than that of most hospitals or imaging facilities. 


Screenings That Require a CT Scan

Head and Brain

CT scanning of the head is typically used to detect infarction, tumors, hemorrhage and bone or head trauma. This procedure is often used when an MRI is not an option or is unavailable.


CT scans can be used to show a level of detail within the lungs that is not available through a standard X-ray. CT scans of the lungs are recommended for any individual over the age of 50 who smokes or has smoked. To learn more about whether or not a screening is right for you, visit our Pulmonary Services page.


Recent advancements in screening procedures have enabled CT scans to be used to achieve greater definition of the coronary arteries, providing your cardiologist with better detail and more information about the condition of your heart.