Sports & Pre-Employment Physicals

Often times, before a person begins his or her time at a new school or job, or before he or she participates in extracurricular activities like sports, organizations will require that the person complete a physical. This ensures that students, employees, and participants are healthy and fit for the task. Physicals also help identify any potential medical problems that may stop the person from participating to the full extent required by the school, job, or team. 

Types of Physicals

  • Sports physicals for middle school, high school and college athletics (including Sickle cell screening)
  • Pre-employment physicals
  • Tuberculosis skin tests (including follow-up chest x-rays or referrals to Health Department if necessary)
  • Basic law enforcement physicals
  • Child care, foster care & adoption
  • College entrance physicals, including immunizations

At Physicians East Urgent Care Center, we offer a convenient and affordable way to receive a physical examination for work or school. Our physicians and physician assistants can complete a variety of physicals without requiring an appointment. Additionally our office hours can facilitate visits after school or after work on most days. We also have a convenient on-site lab where testing can be performed as part of a physical, if necessary. Our staff will ensure that you are healthy and safe before you start school, a job or a new extracurricular activity.