Off-Site Lab Testing

At the Physicians East Urgent Care Center, our goal is to provide you with quality, comprehensive care in a timely manner. Part of this commitment is offering a wide range of on-site and off-site lab tests. In addition to our on-site lab tests, we can perform a variety of off-site tests to receive a more detailed analysis of your condition and provide a better diagnosis and treatment plan.

Common Off-Site Tests

  • Basic Metabolic Panel (electrolytes)
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • Thyroid, Throat, Urine & Wound Cultures
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing
  • Many Others.

While results for these exams may not be as fast as our on-site testing capabilities, they are still within the Physicians East network, and may be required to get a better understanding of your condition and what the best course of treatment may be.

The primary purpose of our Urgent Care Center is to provide comprehensive medical care for patients who may have experienced an illness or injury outside of our regular business hours. No appointment is necessary; simply stop by our location on 1710 E. Arlington Blvd. in Greenville, NC, near the intersection of Arlington and Fire Tower Rd.