Robotic Surgery

The advent of robotic surgery has ushered in an era of unmatched precision and accuracy, and has drastically reduced recovery times. Many abdominal procedures were at one time considered invasive and required an extended hospital stay and extensive home care. Now, robotic surgery can accomplish many surgical procedures in just a few small incisions. Small tools and cameras are inserted in the incisions, and doctors use these highly precise tools for pinpoint accuracy on a level of detail previously unrealized.

Many of the surgeons in our practice were early adopters of robotic surgery, working on the forefront of the industry during the clinical trials that took place years ago. As technology has improved, so has the benefits of robotic surgery, and our physicians have always stayed on the forefront of this area of expertise.

da Vinci Surgical System

The latest advancement in robotic surgery is the da Vinci Surgical System. It allows our doctors to treat a wide variety of abdominal issues with the least invasive procedure available. Patients with increased risk for infection may opt for this type of procedure as it requires even few incisions, and the risk for infection is extremely low. Many of our ob/gyn providers are capable of utilizing the da Vinci system as well as our general surgeons.