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Upper Endoscopy

Colon cancer screening toolsAn upper endoscopy can be used to evaluate your heartburn, reflux or possible gastric inflammation. Otherwise known as an esophagogastroduodenoscopy, this procedure is performed using a specialized tube with a camera to look at your esophagus, stomach and the first part of your small intestines called the duodenum. Many specialized absorptive activities are performed by our duodenum, and the health of the duodenum and nearby organs is essential to good gastric functioning.

Before your visit

Before the procedure, we will need a list of all medications you are currently taking and any allergies. Your physician will also advise you on how and when to eat prior to your visit. 

Day of visit

Please plan to arrive at the center fifteen minutes before your appointment time. You will change into a hospital gown and your health will be briefly assessed in preparation for the evaluation. An intravenous line will be placed and you will receive local anesthetic and a sedative. A mouthpiece will be placed in your mouth to leave a protected space for the scope. You will lie on your side, and the tube will be passed through your mouth. If your physician finds any areas of concern, a biopsy may be taken. Swabs and testing for infection or specific diseases may also be performed if deemed necessary.

After your visit

You will be awakened in the recovery room. You may have a mild sore throat or hoarseness when you first wake up. Your doctor will briefly review the findings but it may may take one to two weeks for complete biopsy results or cultures to return. Bleeding, tearing of tissue or infection are known possible complications of this procedure. Call your doctor immediately if you have fever, chills or severe pain.