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Diabetes and Diet

Our bodies take carbohydrates from the foods we eat and break them down into sugar. Eating too many carbohydrates, or gaining too much weight, increases blood sugar levels, which makes insulin less effective and makes diabetes harder to control. 

Diet can be used to control blood sugar by limiting daily carbohydrate intake, and by changing dietary intake. Certain types of carbohydrates, often called complex carbohydrates, take longer to become glucose. In addition to not producing high blood glucose levels, complex carbohydrates also take longer to digest, leading to a longer feeling of fullness and a decrease in caloric intake. A nutrition specialist can help plan an effective yet fulfilling diet for people with diabetic disease.  

Counting carbohydrate intake is easy to do with the information available on today’s food products.  Limiting carbohydrates to certain levels at breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as eating three snacks a day describes most diabetics’ daily diets.