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Hormone Therapy (HRT)

Men and women are affected by decreasing hormone levels as they age. Sometimes the signs and effects of the aging process produced by falling hormone levels can be slowed or stopped temporarily with appropriate replacement hormones. 

When a woman’s health is affected by decreasing levels of estrogen or progesterone, treatment is referred to as hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  Estrogen or combined estrogen/progesterone is used for treatment.  These medications are used to counter the effects of menopause in middle aged women. Estrogen therapy can help eliminate hot flashes, disturbed sleep, and vaginal dryness. Treatment with progesterone along with estrogen substantially reduces the risk of uterine cancer.  Users of hormone therapy should be treated less than five years.  

Causes and Diagnosis

Hormone levels decrease over time as a regular part of the aging process. Certain medications, genetics, physical illness, injury and obesity, among other things, can also affect hormone levels. At Physicians East we perform laboratory tests to measure the levels of various hormones in the blood. 


One of our board-certified endocrinologists can assess hormone levels and recommend treatment tailored to an individual's situation and medical needs. Treatment may include medication changes, hormone replacement therapy, dietary recommendations or other recommendations.